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How to Activate Feature of GPRS and MMS on Simcard of Simpati and As,Mentari,IM3,XL,Three, AXIS


As we knew that all simcard issued by GSM cellular operator in Indonesia have a feature to access their network to get service of GPRS (General Paket Radio Services). Today, most of simcards issued by cellular operator by default give feature gprs already activated and ready to use so we only need to setup mobile phone that we will be used.

Cellular simcard which by default already activated gprs feature when we buy new simcard so we only need setup gprs settings on mobile phone that is :

1) MENTARI (by Indosat)
2) IM3 (by Indosat)
3) Three (by Hutchinson PT)
4) AXIS (by Lippo Tel)

Cellular simcard which need activated first in order to it can use gprs feature that is:

(1) XL (by Excelcomindo PT)
(2) Simpati (by Telkomsel)
(3) Kartu As (by Telkomsel)

The three tupe of simcard above (XL, Simpati and Kartu As) by default have not activated yet its gprs feature so it need act of user to activate it before can use the feature. The next I will show you the way or steps to activate gprs/mms feature on simcard XL, Simpati and kartu as.

a. XL simcard

To activate gprs/mms feature on new XL simcard, we have to call XL operator or CSO (Customer Service Officer) XL at number 818 or 817 with number XL or 021 57959818 with another number like PSTN (with active tariff of call). When connected, choose "speak with customer service officer" and explain your need i.e: "miss, please help me. my XL number 08181818888 want it be activated gprs and mms feature" It usually that Customer Service officer XL will process your request directly at the moment, after that he will ask or suggest you to turn off your mobile phone temporary then turn on again after 5 minutes. It usually after 5 minutes and handset already turn on again, so the gprs feature already activated and ready for use with setting up first gprs XL at mobile phone that will be use.

b. SIMPATI and KARTU AS simcard

To activate gprs/mms feature on new Simpati or Kartu As simcard it is use same way:

Type SMS message : GPRS [Number ICCID simcard]
Example : GPRS 6212312345678901 Sent to : 6616

Notes : ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identification) consist of 16 digit number and there at the backside simcard of your simPATI or Kartu As. The message you type non case sensitive and in typing ICCID number without space.

When your SMS message has been sent to 6616, sistem will give you notification SMS after many time to inform you that activation request being processed. It usually sms that we receive is : “Your request for GPRS Setup already received. Please wait for max. 48 hours for succesfull activation notification message.”

Processing of activation need time maximum 48 hour but in fact usually just in a minute your request already processed. After activation process succesfully done, sistem will inform you via SMS by number 6616 : “Welcome to GPRS Service! Your GPRS service has been activated. Please visit www.telkomsel.com for more information

If you has received sms reply from 6616 like that, it means that gprs feature of your Simpati or Kartu As already active and ready to use. The next steps that you have to do that is setup gprs on your mobile phone that will be used.

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