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MESSAGE CENTERS of SMS from GSM Providers in Indonesia


Perhaps you have experienced difficulties to send SMS (Short Message Service) where the message you send always failed, when at the same time, your friends who use the same wireless card with you are not experiencing of the problem in sending SMS.

You need to see if you experience problems such as above, then there are several possible causes are: (1) your phone experiencing of the problem so the signal is very weak or no signal; (2) Your SMS Center is not
correct, (3) the others causes.

The most often problem found is the problem number 2, namely the SMS message center that is not true where the cause is usually due to the message center number may have accidentally changed, which can be caused by the frequent switch card from your different service provider. Please note that the SMS center of each GSM operator is different.

How to setup or checks SMS messages center? To make the settings or checks SMS message center, in general, we must enter to Messages> Message Settings> Message Center> type message center number in accordance with the card you use. For example, we use the Mentari card from Indosat, the message centre should be +62816124.

Here are some examples of settings or SMS message center checks on some types of mobile phones with Mentari card :

(1) Siemens C55
Menu> Messages> SMS Profiles> Profile 1> Options> Change settings>Service Center> type +62816124> OK

(2) Nokia 2610
Menu> Messaging> Message Settings > Text messages>Message Centres> Centre name: SMS centre; Centre number: +62816124 >Save> Set as default message center? > Yes

Here is the data of message center (SMS Center) several GSM cards from several GSM service provider in Indonesia

(1) Mentari [Indosat] : +62816124
(2) IM3 [Indosat] : +62855000000
(3) Simpati & Kartu As [Telkomsel] : +6281100000
(4) XL [Excelcomindo] : +62818445009
(5) Three [Hutchinson] : +6289644000001
(6) Axis [Lippo Tel] : +628315000032

By knowing the numbers of SMS Center is expected to you are not confusion any more when you have a problem in sending sms, mainly caused by an error setting of the message center number.

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Anonymous said...
pada hari 

Many big thanks for going to the trouble, I accidently removed my 3 sms center after changing my SIM Card to other provider. Both of them displayed as SMS Center, it is confusing me

Ponselsetting said...
pada hari 

@Amzyulk Khaq: kalo hanya bisa sms ke sesama operator dan ke operator lain tidak bisa, silahkan anda cek pulsa utama anda, jika pulsa utama habis hal ini tentu saja tidak bisa untuk kirim sms, sedangkan kartu anda masih bisa kirim ke sesama operator, biasanya karena adanya pulsa bonus yg hanya bisa digunakan utk telpon atau sms ke sesama operator. Solusinya: cek pulsa utama, jika habis segera isi ulang dan silahkan dipake utk sms ke operator lain. Terima kasih

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